Liaison Delta

Experience Data Translation at Its Most Flexible with Delta®

Liaison Delta® gives you the opportunity to develop all kinds of integration solutions for your business. If you want to integrate EDI documents to your database or convert them into XML, load your inventory in an online catalog, handle web service requests, Delta® has all the tools you need to perform these operations. It fits all the syntax for B2B exchanges and respects the key technology standards XML and Web Service.

If your organization is like most, daily operations rely on a mind-boggling combination of systems and technologies, all speaking disparate languages. Delta helps translate these diverse languages, making each one aware of the others to automate not only interactions between you and your e-commerce trading partners, but between your internal systems as well.

Complex Scenarios Simplified with Dynamic, Intuitive Tools and a Common Language

With Delta’s open architecture, any integration solution is within reach. Whether you want to integrate EDI purchase orders with an internal accounting database, convert accounts receivable files into XML invoices, load your inventory into an online Web catalog, or handle Web service requests, Delta has all the tools you need to streamline and integrate your business operations.


As a universal data translator, Delta meets the challenge of any-to-any mapping head on, supporting translation between any two of its five supported data formats: EDI (X12, EDIFACT & TRADACOMS), data files (delimited & fixed width), database tables (via OLE DB access), XML and free-form text (e.g. HTML).


When modeling and mapping, Delta leverages the unique strengths of individual data formats with built-in intelligence designed to optimize the benefits of each format. Delta’s any-to-any mapping capabilities also make it an excellent tool for ERP integration. For challenging ERP integration environments, Liaison offers ERP application bridges to streamline integration between your ERP system’s back end and the EDI documents that you exchange with your trading partners (Integration Bridge for SAP and for Oracle).


You don’t have to be a programmer to unlock the power of Delta’s features. Delta’s drag-and-drop mapping interface is easy to use, yet capable of any integration scenario imaginable.


While Delta can be used as a stand-alone application, it becomes even more impactful when deployed with Electronic Commerce Server (ECS), Liaison’s communications server. In this environment as middleware, Delta and ECS become a complete EAI solution, capable of coordinating the many diverse applications, databases and e-commerce formats found across your enterprise.