Liaison ECS

Manage your flows B2B / EAI

Connect your business with Liaison ECS®, the server communication link. ECS® is responsible for the delivery of your business flows seamlessly to your customers, suppliers and “back-end” systems, with a large number of communication standards and protocols available.


Simple Set-Up, Seamless Communication and Streamlined Management with Liaison Electronic Commerce Server.


Managing the set-up, transfer and tracking of electronic transactions is a time-consuming challenge for businesses of all sizes. Add multiple trading partners and big data to the mix, and achieving seamless communication inside and outside your enterprise becomes even more critical.


Connect all of the moving parts of your business with Electronic Commerce Server (ECS), Liaison’s communications server. Fluent in a wide variety of data transfer protocols and standards, ECS moves data across your enterprise and trading partner community, seamlessly connecting your customers, suppliers and back-end systems into one cohesive operation.

Continuous, Manageable Data Flow

Whether your data is derived from EDI, XML, legacy applications or enterprise-wide distributed database systems, the comprehensive functionality of ECS provides a powerful integration tool for all types of EAI projects. Fully extensible and adaptable to any standard, ECS can move and track a wide range of transactional data with minimal effort.


ECS is comprised of dynamic management utilities that are conveniently accessible from your desktop or web browser. These user-friendly utilities enable you to efficiently configure, manage, view, track and summarize the flow of critical data throughout your business.

ECS offers the following benefits

ECS is simple to deploy and fits readily within existing IT environments.


ECS supports prevalent data transfer and security protocols including: S/MIME, AS1, AS2, AS3 and SOAP/SwA and JMS. This allows you to move any type of data into, out of and across your enterprise. You can use ECS to connect directly with your trading partners or you can use our network in conjunction with ECS.


ECS has the flexibility to grow with you, protecting your investment in legacy systems and applications. ECS can be installed on multiple servers and its enterprise edition supports scale-out processing and integrated failover configurations.


Sophisticated data tracking and exception handling capabilities ensure maximum visibility of critical business processes.


While ECS can be used on its own, there are many benefits of running it in conjunction with Delta, Liaison’s data translator. When paired together, ECS and Delta can provide complete application integration, allowing you to integrate between applications, implement web services and easily manage the communications and mapping components of your enterprise solutions.