Redsol Data Extended Services available since February 1st.

Redsol now offers the latest generation of Business Activity Monitoring. This open solution provides accurate and detailed information in real-time. All data sources can be viewed in REDS, which consolidates A2A and B2B integration information into a single, comprehensible view. The wide range of possibilities for customizing this solution allows us to address IT teams but also business teams.

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REDSOL joins the OVH Marketplace.

Redsol’s cloud solutions are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding companies. To offer its customers innovative and scalable offerings Redsol chose to rely on an infrastructure layer of OVH. This complementary approach has led OVH to integrate Redsol’s data management solutions into its Marketplace offering, thus validating their quality, innovation and disruption.

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Visiting the French E-commerce tradeshow which was held in Paris from September 21 to 23, our teams were able to validate the relevance of the offer of Redsol to accompany the players in this sector: logistics solutions, exchanges with partners, data integration, application inter exchanges … are all issues that Redsol provides concrete solutions. Constructive contacts were made and many partnerships are already being developed.



Redsol responded to the invitation of OVH on the occasion of the OVH Summit 2015 which was held on September 24 in Paris. The presentations that were made have allowed us to discover the latest developments in cloud solutions offers materials and especially to better understand the expected developments in this sector. In addition, our technical teams were able to exchange with specialists in order to benchmark the Redsol reports to practical solutions in this sector: Redsol solutions were analyzed according to criteria of availability, security, scalability, and competitiveness: the results demonstrated the relevance of our cloud solutions portfolio.