Audit & Consulting

Whatever the size of your project, depending on your time requirements, we can mobilize teams necessary to achieve your goals.

Our experts are available to help you every step of your project, from initial needs assessment to the ongoing management and support, for the period of time necessary.


Our pragmatic approach is based on three axes to support you effectively in the realization of your projects.


Analysis of existing solutions and exchange processes

Audit of the exchanges processes integrating all component (employees, support, network, failure…)

Study of legal constraints

Performance evaluation of systems in place

Audit of technical processes and functional


Reliable exchange processes

Secure data exchange

Leveraging flows consistent with the organizations in places

Develop a monitoring flows flexible and efficient

Optimizing process costs

Integrate legal and get in line

Develop performance of the current systems

Anticipating technological evolution


Team and actions coordination

Solutions integration

Specification and development of mappings

Definition and optimization process

Training sessions

Maintenance assistance and support

Knwoledge base management