REDSOL’s WEB-EDI solutions are ready to use and simple to implement.

For your B2B exchanges, our web platform will allow you to capture, send, receive and view messages in a readable format and / or integrated.


Our modular solutions also enable us to offer web applications tailored to meet your specific deployment projects. Whatever the partner you want to connect, our solutions easily adapt to your expectations.


Based on a web platform, our Web Edi solution requires no software installation, no license. In a few hours you will be able to exchange EDI documents with your trading partners on such an easy to use interface that email.

But easy does not mean basic. Our Athena platform has a set of robust and sophisticated features. These features include:

Attractive EDI forms models

Barcode edition (GS1)

Reporting on your EDI traffic

Sending the automatic acknowledgments (CONTRL, 997…)

EDI Export capacity

Email alerting (arrival of new EDI documents ...)

Advanced multi-criteria researches

Integrated calendar that reminds you of the important dates in your EDI documents

Multilanguage interface (English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish ...)