The Cloud By Redsol

Cloud is abusiness growth engine. Solutions B2B exchanges Cloud REDSOL are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding companies.


Depending on your resources and your outsourcing strategy set the most appropriate approach from our wide portfolio of solutions and choose from our different service levels that best matches your expectations.

Our unique approach


Focus only on data management and integration

B2B and A2A

A global reach and specialized in integration

Cost reduction

The guarantee to reduce the total cost of acquisition


Improving the efficiency of business processes


Accelerating market access time


The ability to understand and meet your business objectives

Control over your budgets

A realistic and achievable business plan


The portability of mappings independently of platforms

Experience of our experts

Our cloud experts are available to help you at every step of your project, from initial needs assessment to the ongoing management and support. With a solid experience in this type of project they will in combination with your teams be proactive and support change within your organization from strategy to implementation.


It enables rapid deployment and lets you to immediately benefit from its added value. Its implementation is simple and does not require investment. It is a scalable solution that will accompany the smooth developmentof your business.


Our Shared Cloud solutions are particularly financially accessible. They also have a simple pricing and decreasing consumption.


For the management of your critical applications and production environments, the dedicated Cloud is the solution that allows you to consolidate all your requirements without compromise.


Our cloud experts support you throughout the project and validate with you the best choices in architecture and security. You get a contractual SLA at the highest level and a specific professional assistance.


Although we believe that in the long term many services will be moved to the cloud, today most companies needs local infrastructure and cloud services.

This hybrid cloud approach allows you to optimize your old investments, not losing them.


REDSOL provides an integrated family of Cloud technologies that can create and rapidly evolve its cloud solution. Our cloud experts support you throughout the project and validate with you the best choices in architecture and security.

The advantages associated with the use of our Cloud solutions are numerous and positive impacts on your organization will be quickly visible:

  • A fast and simple roll out deployment making you benefit immediately from a high added value.
  • Reduced investment and acquisition cost of converting capital ivestment into operating costs proportional to your business.
  • A predictable financial model benefiting from simple pricing and decreasing consumption guaranteeing a controlled budget and accelerated ROI
  • A unique solution to meet your integration needs with all of your partners.
  • A high degree of flexibility thanks to the support of all data exchange formats and standards, communication protocols and exchange process.
  • Business solutions to meet your specific needs with customization of business processing rules.
  • Visibility into all of your exchange processes with comprehensive functionality, reporting, alerting and supervision.
  • A level of security and availability to choose among different service offerings.
  • Teams of functional and technical experts with solid experience to accompany you.

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