B2B / A2A Integration

At REDSOL, we understand the challenges that companies face in data management. In fact, managing data is the core of our business. Every day, our solutions and tools help thousands of companies integrate, secure, move, transform and manage their data across and outside the enterprise.

This freedom gives you many possibilities. By combining our software and In the Cloud services combined with easy customization, we offer flexible deployment options that can be adapted to any business request. The result? You can achieve your data management objectives quickly, accurately and at the lowest possible cost.

The question is – how can we help you?

Whatever the size of your company, your simple or complex needs, your strong or limited technological expertise, REDSOL can help you achieve your objectives.


The ability to integrate data across and outside the company and to connect business partners electronically is crucial.

REDSOL offers a complete range of B2B and EDI integration solutions that support all protocols, standards and communication media.


The data exchanged between you and your business partners – including between different departments within your own company – is not always compatible. REDSOL’s data transformation and mapping solutions will help you coordinate and streamline information translations between different systems.


Based on a scalable platform, REDSOL’s data management solutions will help you transform your master data into accurate, consistent and relevant information. With REDSOL, you can quickly consolidate, clean up, streamline and share information about your products, customers, suppliers and all your other partners.

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