Electronic Invoices

Electronic Invoices Management

Our electronic invoicing solution optimizes the efficiency of the billing process and reduce the costs associated with traditional paper exchanges.


The sending and receiving invoices electronically eliminates a number of potential errors associated with processing paper invoices and improves the quality of invoice data.

Structural benefits of the electronic invoices:

  • Centralization of missions/receptions of invoices
  • Increase productivity by eliminating errors from rekeying
  • Automatic processing of imputations
  • Checking incoming business data
  • Direct enabling in information systems
  • Facilitator in case of tax inspection, audit or invoice research
  • Improving the quality of documents exchanged
  • Automation of the invoicing process
  • Increasing the quality of incoming invoices in the information systems
  • Rapprochement with orders and delivery notes
  • Reduction of disputes through control of the mandatory information
  • Faster payment

Features of the electronic invoiving solution:

  • Automatisation for customer and supplier of the exchange of invoices
  • Digital signature verification and certificate management
  • Compliance with the requirements of the public authorities
  • Reporting and exception management
  • Clear visualization of the invoices
  • Setting specific processing rules
  • Rapprochement with orders and delivery notes

Our technology solutions fit your business in different environments (ERP or middleware) with all the flexibility required for information systems.

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