Third party application maintenance

Data management is a strategic challenge for companies: integration, transformation, exchange, security. REDSOL’s teams of experts support you in your projects by guaranteeing you a very high level of reactivity.

of Application

  • Exploitation
  • User support
  • Maintenance (corrective, preventive and scalable)
  • Application Proactive monitoring
  • Monitoring of all exchanges
  • Handhold in case of malfunction
  • Management and monitoring of incidents
  • User Request Management (business and IT team)
  • Accompaniment of the teams
  • Answers to all questions about data exchange
  • On-site service and remote


of the request

Customer requests are recorded in the monitoring dashboard applications; in return, the customers are aware of the consideration of the request.

of the request

Depending on the criticality of the application, REDSOL performs an estimate the work to be done and the date of availability of the correction / change / development.

of the request

Each step of the request development is traced in monitoring dashboard applications. At regular intervals, the level of progress of applications is communicated to the customer.

of request

Once the development of the request is complete, the customer is notified and the request is archived basis for a similar development and also improve future developments.

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