Optimize your investment through our comprehensive training programs.

We offer training solutions key in hand tailored for all of our products and services in accordance with your goals. REDSOL teams are certified by Liaison Technologies, the global leader of data integration.

A specific training program has been implemented to allow you to fully enjoy your investment. Three days of training for integration into Delta and ECS: These three days will give you a complete understanding about the functioning of Delta and ECS.

Mapping Development
Communication management
Alert Management and exceptions
Implementation of advanced architectures

You will learn to perform mappings with Delta, manage the flow of data in ECS and merge the functions of these two applications for enterprise application integration.

A deepening day: the day can be achieved in addition to three days of standard training on Delta and ECS or independently to focus on specific aspects of your integration project.

Monitoring tables

First of all the organization to manage your projects.

Mapping control

For total control of your data.

Advanced mapping features

To manage your projects from A to Z safely.

Introduction to Web Services

To understand and master new technologies.

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