The company is registered in Versailles RCS 522 661 016

N° de TVA : FR79522661016
Code APE : 6201Z
SIRET : 52266101600025


Head office:

3 rue Gustave Eiffel
Le Technoparc
78300 Poissy

Publication manager : Laurent Raillard
Webmaster contact :
Tél : + 33 (0)1 74 12 28 76


Hosting :

2 Rue Kellermann
59100 – ROUBAIX (France)
SAS au capital de 10 000 000 €
RCS Roubaix – Tourcoing 424 761 419 00045
Code APE 6202A
N° TVA : FR 22 424 761 419

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Intellectual property rights 

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Information and content :

The information presented and available on our pages represents only our opinions and views expressed at the date of publication of each page. They can present inaccuracies and have as objective only to provide the most complete and useful information to the Net surfers. We reserve the right to modify or delete them without notice. We do not provide any express or implied warranties and can not be held responsible for any damages that may result from any use of this information. Any information and material that will be transmitted to us will be deemed as non-confidential. You expressly grant REDSOL an unlimited and irrevocable right to use, publish, comment on such information and materials. Their origin will not be disclosed (1) except with your express permission, (2) our prior notice to the issuer of the mention of its name (3) if we are legally obliged to do so.



Our site contains pages in several languages. Some have been translated by us or by software. This only for the purpose of facilitating access to information. We will not be held responsible for their relevance, accuracy, completeness.


Practices in respect of privacy :

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which come into force on May 25, 2018, define the principles to be observed when collecting, processing and storing personal data. They also guarantee rights for the people concerned.
Several forms are present on the site in order to collect the data of a visitor

1 : Objectives

The collection of data on the site aims to constitute a management file of prospects and customers of Redsol SARL. This file is used for statistical purposes, to contact and / or offer relevant content to contacts.

2 : Relevance of the data

In order to best follow the interest of prospects and customers of Redsol SARL, the file collects all information from visitors to the site relating to identity, professional information and its activity on the site www.redsol. fr. In accordance with the Data Protection Act, information relating to racial or ethnic origin, political, philosophical or religious opinion, trade union membership, health or sexual life of a person is not collected and is prohibited (sensitive data).

3 : Legality of treatment and conditions of consent (Art.6 and Art.7 of the RGPD)

The consent of the processing of personal data of a visitor is systematically obtained for one or more specific purposes. For example, when entering a newsletter registration form or downloading a resource, obtaining the visitor’s email address is intended to send a notification to him or to new publications. suggest resources that may be of interest.

4 : Data retention

The data collected on the site are kept for a maximum of 12 months for anonymous contacts, after the last activity on the website by the person. On the other hand, for the contacts identified, the data collected on the site are kept for a maximum duration of 36 months. At the end of these periods, all data relating to the person are automatically deleted.

5: Rights of the people (Art. 16 to 20 of the RGPD)

In accordance with the Data Protection Act and the RGPD, all persons can exercise their right of access, rectification, opposition, limitation of treatments, deletion and portability of data concerning them by making the request by mail signed and accompanied by a copy of an identity document at the address of the head office of Redsol SARL.
The person in charge of the file will answer at the latest in the month following the request for access or rectification.

6: Data security and treatment (Article 32 of the RGPD)

The data collected on the site and associated treatments, are hosted by the company Redsol SARL. Only people linked to the technical, marketing and sales department of Redsol SARL and its subcontractors have access to the information collected on the website, via a personal identifier and unique to the Redsol platform.

7 : Data breach and communication within 72 hours (Article 33 and Article 34 of the RGPD)

In case of violation or suspicion of personal data breach, Redsol SARL and its subcontractors will notify the CNIL, 72 hours at the latest, after having read it.


Personal data :
In order to provide the best possible experience, quality informative content, access to specific information such as resources and tutorials, a private area, the site visitor may need to fill out forms or even connect via a login and password. The information collected is then subject to computer processing made necessary for the performance of the service. The recipients of the data are exclusively persons working for the company Redsol SARL.


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Limits of liability :
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